The Republic Falls and the Plutocracy Rises

Why is the United States Republic in a Collapse?

Excerpt: “There have been numerous journals about the slow collapse of democracy and the end of the republic of the United States of America. Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, was asked a question by a citizen after the Constitutional Convention of 1787; this assembly the Founding Fathers of the United States were deciding the government system of the United States…”

DISCLAIMER: “This article was originally published December 1st, 2015. This article is outdated and uses older sources, but I believe it is relevant and contains thoughts and ideals on targets/concepts I still speak about to this day.” – Nikolas Yanja, Author & Webmaster at Resistance Report Network.

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The Republic falls and the Plutocracy rises: Why is the United State’s Republic in a Collapse? – December 1st, 2015.

There have been numerous journals about the slow collapse of democracy and the end of the republic of the United States of America. Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, was asked a question by a citizen after the Constitutional Convention of 1787; this assembly the Founding Fathers of the United States were deciding the government system of the United States. The question that was asked was, “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” and Benjamin Franklin responded,  “A Republic, if you can keep it” (1787). The Founding Fathers of the United States would not recognize the post-democratic governing system we have now installed. The republic that once stood as a banner of independence and freedom is slowly being torn down and replaced with a banner of tyranny, censorship, and restriction. The reason for the declining republic is a direct result of the neglect and declining care of the status of the nation by the citizens and the elite’s and super-rich’s abandonment of founding principles in the increasing grab of greed and power. Benjamin Franklin’s warning, when he responded to the citizen, is a value and ideal that every citizen including the wealthy must think about and attain value from it if we are to keep the republic and not let it fall down a path to destruction; in Americas case, a future plutocracy. The power grab and illusion of gain by the rich will in return bring them doom as every republic that let the wealthy run it ended and had the same potential fate as America. The future of the nation is up to the people and we are responsible to keep the republic. If we cannot keep it, our freedoms that we express day to day will be wiped away and our futures and next generation’s futures will be daunting. 

The citizens are directly responsible of keeping and maintaining the republic. The 2014 U.S. Census data shows the neglect and declining care of the nation by the citizens. The midterm election is an important election because it includes all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and the terms for 33 or 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate. The U.S. Census data shows only 42 percent of Americans voted in the 2014 midterm election (2015). This is a huge portion of the entire United States Government and “only 42 percent of Americans voted” (2015) in the election for these positions. Not even half the United States population is voting. The real issue in this statistic is that it shows that the House of Representatives and United States Senate aren’t actually representing what the majority of citizens want and a more daunting fact is that they don’t care or have a want.  Another supporting statistic of the neglect of the citizens in the United States is to analyze a group of non-voters responses they gave Pew Research Center in a study. Pew Research Center did a study and it showed the top reasons in percent form why non-voters do not vote. The four main reasons showed that 19 percent answered “No time or just haven’t done it”, 17 percent said “Recently moved”, 14 percent exclaimed “Don’t care about politics” and 12 percent “No confidence in government” (2006). The answers received show either they don’t care about politics and government or an excuse to not look socially irresponsible by using the excuses “recently moved” or “No time or just haven’t done it” (2006). Having low voter count in and the mentality for the non-voters show the citizens are truly neglecting their social calling which is to keep the republic. If the citizens can realize the importance of this, the nation’s decline can be stopped. 

Although the citizens need to realize the importance of voting and being active in government, the elite and super rich  that are in power and ones that get elected need to understand what their wrongdoings are. Corporations which consist of the rich in question, are contributing to politicians and they in return do them political favours. This in return keeps cycle of rich staying in power and diminishing democracy.  Milyo J.explains, “The best illustration of this assumed equivalence between contributions and bribes is found in analysis of corporate PAC campaign contributions and roll-call votes on issues of interest to those same corporations” (2014, p.21). In his research he directly finds that these political favours are happening. Particular in mainstream politicians that say they are going to do something, but then do the opposite because it goes against the people who donated them into power. These politicians are currently getting away with this. Corresponding with first paragraph, the reasons why they can do this corruption is because the citizens are not caring or simple don’t know because most of them are uninformed about the actions and events that happen in the government. Politicians and corporations are using this to their advantage. As it may seem like opportunity for their gain, they are also destroying the very freedom and system which allowed them to rich. If we keep this exclusivity of only the super rich getting elected or corrupt politicians getting elected the republic will only continue to fall down a path to a plutocracy, which is a government system ruled by the wealthy. 

Although we think that United States will always stand as a banner of freedom and democracy, Dr. Robert Abele, (2014) , researching for Centre for Research on Globalization, explains that we can still have the freedom we yearn for, but have a dictatorship get into power with fraud elections and money-backed candidates that are chosen by a few. Abele (2014) said in his research the following: That if aggregate limits on individual political contributions are not limited, then “500 people will control American democracy”. This makes U.S. elections a sham and a farce. Worse, it bodes ill for the immediate future, in that Totalitarian regimes are extraordinarily difficult to overthrow without a complete revolution in the mindset (i.e. worldview) of the vast majority of citizens.(2014) If the United States doesn’t start controlling political contributions to individuals running for office, that the United States will become under the direct control of only handful of wealthy bureaucrats. If we allow these contributions to happen, the United States election system will slowly become ineffective and totally simulated with the winner of the election is who the wealthy bureaucrats chose. In return if all these previous stated events happen, we will have a totalitarian-like regime. Totalitarian regimes are very hard to overthrow or transition back into democracy without major events like war, mindset change, revolution, or economic collapse which creates a major burden and obstacle for future citizens of the plutocracy America.

This shows the plutocracy forming. Even if you took the statistic, journals, and other academic proof and asked the average citizen if they think this is happening in modern day america, most would agree. It is clear and the citizens are just blindly following and not caring. In return, the super rich are blind by greed and taking advantage of the citizens that are trusting them with the republic. The average citizens and super rich alike need to start caring about the democracy and the republic our founding fathers fought with blood to gain will stop this clear collapse, as the popular Patriotic song from the 1800s exclaims, “Then up with our banner soglorious, The star-spangled red-white-and-blue, We’ll fight till our flag is victorious, For Lincoln and Liberty too!” (1853). The banner of freedom and of the republic must be hoisted again to ensure our futures, the future generations futures, and to honor the fallen that gave there life’s for that banner.  

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